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Talent Network

Engage passive candidates and source from your own qualified talent network.

Today’s hiring happens as a result of the relationship that’s been forged between employer and candidate. As a relationship takes time to gather strength and trust, more and more employers are realizing the benefits of starting the candidate conversation early, so that when a position does open up, they already have a network of engaged candidates they can reach out to.

Clinch leverages the principles of permission-based —or inbound— marketing, enabling you to surface, identify, and build relationships with candidates (active and passive) regardless of where they are in the job-seeking journey.

Know your candidates — before they hit “Apply”.

90% of those candidates who visit your career content are not looking to apply for a job then and there. They are, however, demonstrating an interest in your organization as a potential employer. Clinch Calls-to-Action are fully customizable additions to your landing pages that allow you to capture key information on and build out your talent network with those candidates who are interested, but not yet ready to apply.

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Import lists.

You can grow your talent network manually, too. Clinch makes it easy to import a CSV file of existing candidates —from an ATS or email marketing system for example— into its CRM.

Connection without commitment.

The “softer-touch” non-apply Calls-to-Action enable your candidates to opt-in to your talent network, incentivized by the idea of connecting to your company, without the commitment or effort that filling out a job application entails.

Automated nurture.

Watch in real-time as the candidates you choose to nurture progress through the pipeline and into the apply stages.

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More effective sourcing.

The Clinch Sourcing Pipeline leverages your growing talent pool, automatically surfacing those candidates who have previously shown an interest in similar roles at your company but haven’t yet applied for that job.

Segment your community.

Automate engagement with candidates in your talent network – share content, events or jobs based on a candidate’s engagement, skills, interests and experience