Mobile Responsive Content

Engage with candidates on the go and grow your talent network with content that is auto-responsive to mobile.

The number of candidates conducting their job search and browsing career-related content on mobile devices is on the rise. As a result, in the race for talent, employers who are not delivering a satisfactory mobile experience are quickly losing out to those who are.

With Clinch, you don’t need to worry about making your content mobile-friendly. By default, all pages built on our platform are auto-responsive to mobile, which means that with no extra work required, you’re meeting the needs and expectations of your candidates —even before your recruitment campaign goes live.

Mobile-friendly CTAs.

A Clinch call-to-action (or CTA) is the means by which an anonymous visitor to your career-related landing pages makes themselves known to your organization and demonstrates an interest in your company as an employer. Just like Clinch landing and jobs pages, all of our CTAs are fully responsive on mobile, making it easy for candidates to connect with your organization anytime, anywhere.

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Automated nurture via mobile.

Take advantage of the Workflows feature in Clinch to automatically send messages straight to the primary inboxes of candidates who complete a specific call-to-action and/or meet criteria set by you. Create a better candidate experience and engage talent with personalized and relevant messages delivered in a timely fashion through a channel they know and visit often.

Grow your network on-the-go.

90% of candidates who visit your career content are not looking to apply for a job there and then. Our mobile-friendly non-apply Calls-to-Action invite these passive candidates to register their interest in your company as a potential employer, enabling you to capture key information and build out your talent network with candidates you may otherwise never have known were out there.