Job Distribution

Broadcast better-looking content to more destinations more easily. Automatically feed multi-media jobs pages to the jobs boards of your choosing.

Clinch has revolutionized the kind of content you can share to job sites.

With Clinch, you are no longer restricted to sharing traditional, text-heavy job ads. Now, you can feed multimedia-friendly jobs pages featuring innovative calls-to-action to multiple high-traffic sites at once, ensuring maximum visibility, reach, and engagement for your open roles.

Automated distribution.

Choose which jobs boards you wish to broadcast to once, and enjoy the convenience of all future jobs being delivered to those destinations automatically as soon as they are live in Clinch. Our platform’s ATS syncing capability and automatic page-builder means your rich-media pages go live on Clinch and start feeding to jobs boards within minutes of their associated jobs being added in your ATS.

Promotion on a global scale.

Clinch is tightly integrated into Broadbean so that users of our platform can leverage the global reach of this job distribution tool.