Employer Branding

Become an employer of choice. Shape and promote a consistent brand image across multiple channels to attract top talent.

The importance of a strong employer brand cannot be underestimated. Not only does it improve your organization’s ability to recruit and retain great talent, a strong employer brand also inspires confidence in the consumer brand —leading to more sales opportunities and an improved bottom line.

The Clinch platform makes it easy for you to manage your employer brand and showcase it across multiple channels simultaneously for maximum reach and visibility.

Create and edit recruiting content.

With the Clinch Page Editor, previously tricky content tasks —like updating copy and embedding videos— become easy. Showcase your employees and communicate your EVP on landing pages that feature your organization’s own distinct branding. Bring job ads to life by adding rich media including images and videos. Publish the content you want, when you want it, with no assistance needed from IT!

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Automate your content creation.

Clinch campaign templates allow you to bring a complete recruitment marketing campaign from concept to live in minutes with automated page creation, complete with company branding, default copy, and images sourced from your company’s hub of pre-approved content.

Measure content performance.

Do your candidates prefer to read employee stories, or watch a video on company culture? Using the Clinch Block Analysis tool, measure which content designed to promote your employer brand is performing best.