Email Marketing

Getting the right message to the right candidates at the right time. Clinch delivers.

After attract and identify, “nurture” —the building and strengthening of relationships with candidates— is the next key stage in the recruitment marketing process. Central to an effective nurture phase, is the timely delivery of targeted messages to candidates.

Clinch allows users to create targeted, personalized messages that can be sent to multiple candidates automatically via Workflow or manually via Lists. Clinch combines the core components of email marketing with time-saving features such as automated sending via workflow to help you nurture top talent more effectively and more efficiently.

Automated nurture.

Take advantage of the Workflows feature in Clinch to automatically trigger messages to candidates that perform a specific call-to-action. Take your targeted sending one step further by leveraging criteria-based search to message only those candidates who meet certain criteria set by you.

Targeted messaging by network segment.

With the Clinch Page Editor, previously tricky content tasks —like updating copy and embedding videos— become easy. Showcase your employees, communicate your EVP, and publish the career content you want, when you want it.

Make it personal

By default, and in order to help your organization meet the needs and expectations of today’s candidates, every page built in Clinch —whether manually, or automatically— is already responsive to mobile.

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Apply with Text

Convert on-the-go candidates anywhere, anytime. With this smart feature, Clinch makes applying for a job as easy as sending a text. Apply with Text leverages artificial intelligence to start building candidate profiles from a single SMS, allowing you to screen more candidates faster.