Frequently asked questions

Career site FAQ’s

What can I expect from a Clinch career site?

Clinch offers the latest in career site technology underpinned with a next generation recruitment marketing platform. Candidates are delivered a best in class experience throughout all aspects of their candidate journey be it direct visits to the career site or job advertising generated traffic direct to job land pages. Advanced personalization and dynamic content adapts to the candidate journey to expose candidates to the right content and jobs to increase conversion of quality candidates.

How does it work exactly?

Delivered from your domain using our proprietary content management system your career site is tightly integrated with your application tracking system using our included integration hub. A range of ATS are supported including but not limited to Workday, Greenhouse, Lever, iCims, Taleo, Kenexa, Success Factors, Newton, Amris, Lumesse and more. As requisitions go live in your ATS new job landing pages are created for each job automatically, made searchable in the career site environment, optimized for Google and distributed to some of the main aggregators including Indeed, Glassdoor etc.

Candidate traffic arrives and is tracked from all sources in a GDPR compliant manner. As candidates interact with your site job content is delivered in a personalized way using machine learning powered recommendation engines (Think Netflix or Amazon) which uses candidate behavior to improve the suggestions in a ongoing way.

Clinch makes its easy to capture the candidates interest and details right at the start of the application process before handing over to the ATS for the full apply process. Candidates who drop off but match certain criteria are automatically nurtured using email and SMS messaging to complete their applications with no recruitment team effort.

Candidates who complete applications are synchronized with the ATS data (ATS dependent) and their status in the process is tracked directly using the integration hub for further messaging and advanced reporting.

As each requisition is generated by the ATS Clinch also builds a talent pipeline to make it easy for recruiters to target the candidates who are most likely to convert into a successful applicant directly.

What is included “out of the box”?

Pretty much everything except the kitchen sink. For a full list of features see here. Our comprehensive on-boarding gets you up and running with minimal effort on your part, we do all the heavy lifting. We’ve implemented many fully integrated sites in under a month. The platform is fully configurable and our wide range of ATS integrations mean custom work is rarely required.

How many pages can the platform accommodate?

There are no limits on how many pages you can have using Clinch. Frankly the more the merrier, our pages are very SEO friendly so the more pages and more jobs you have the more quality candidate traffic you can expect to get for free.

What about content?

As long as candidates continue to act like consumers as they research their next opportunity content will be the key to successful recruitment. Clinch job landing pages place no limits on how you present your jobs.

We’ve even made it easy to incorporate blog posts from the inbuilt recruitment blog engine or re-purpose the corporate blog to deliver candidates contextual information the the jobs they are looking at. The system is uniquely flexible to allow different jobs, job families or job location content to be applied to individual jobs to offer a very specific experience to each job page.

Our high converting job templates generally improve conversion rates by 100% to 300% compared to an ATS page The platform is self services and very easy to use however our services team are always on hand to help with specific templates or page design as required.

How are job listings created?

It’s automated, no team member effort is required. As soon as a job is placed live in the ATS Clinch generates a new job page on the career site using the desired template for that job. If distribution is enabled the job is also sent for indexing to Google and the main aggregators and added to the Career site map. Here’s an example of what you can do but the only limit is your imagination.

What information is included in the job listing?

Each job page requires the core job description which has been synchronized from the ATS automatically and a standard Apply call to action but after that the sky is the limit. Culture, values, company performance, diversity information, team member bios, videos, maps, images, and more can all be added to each job template automatically.

Talent Relationship Marketing FAQ’s

How does it work exactly?

Uniquely Clinch’s Talent/Candidate Relationship Management is integrated to the Career site from the get go. Every candidate that passes through the career site or job pages (known or unknown) has a unique candidate record created. As candidates identify themselves by joining the talent network, downloading content, signing up for job alerts or applying for a role their complete record is created in the CRM. When the candidate completes their application in the ATS additional data is synchronized back to the CRM and the ongoing candidate status is tracked as they move through the apply process.

What is included “out of the box”?

Pretty much everything except the kitchen sink. For a full list of features see here. Standard nurture workflow sequences are configured during onboarding but everything is fully customizable. Want to run a post apply survey and generate candidate NPS feedback scores, no problem, it takes less than 30 minutes to set up a custom workflow and form capture page. Bulk email functionality is included and SMS can be added for a low per message charge.

What about automation?

Automated workflow sequences are the core of our automation engine. Once a candidate engages with you our automated workflow process starts. These workflows are fully customizable to your needs and support branching and decision making. Candidate status as supplied by the ATS may also be used in the decision tree to deliver unique candidate experiences to different candidates for different roles in different geographic locations. Adding new workflows and sequences is a self serve operation that typically takes as much time to configure as it takes to write an email.

How does candidate segmentation for outreach work?

Candidates can be segmented by any or all of their known attributes. Prospects who have not applied can be segmented by their country or city, jobs they have interacted with, engagement level, calls to action completed and more whilst applicants can be segmented by their CV data and application status when this has been synchronized from the ATS. Candidates may be messaged individually or in bulk using our bulk marketing email functionality (plain text and customizable templates are supported)

What about automated pipelining for all jobs?

Our inbuilt pipelining algorithm generates a pipeline for every requisition the minute we receive it from the ATS. Designed to give recruitment teams an ‘at a glance view’ of who they should be talking to today to maximize their chances of a successful hire without needing to build lists manually. Each pipeline shows the candidates who have completed applications, viewed the role or algorithmically are seen as to be a probable fit. This algorithm looks at the previous candidates that have been successful for similar positions and uses machine learning to improve suggestions over time. Team members can engage with pipelined candidates directly or automated nurture workflows to drive candidates further down the apply process automatically for maximum effectiveness.

What about the content for emails and nurturing?

Most companies have sufficient content distributed around their existing corporate or career site. Clinch makes it easy to repurpose this content throughout the candidate experience for maximum effect. Our html email templates make it easy to repurpose existing content into emails in an automated may to help inform candidates on the opportunities available by working with your organization. Our professional services team can additionally assist with the creation of people stories and video content to further inform candidates about your organization.

Can you help with event promotion and management?

Clinch has a range of functionality to help with the running of events and to track their ROI. Event specific landing pages can be created and SEO optimized for events in advance to generate SEO traffic. Registrations can be received directly into the CRM and workflow used for confirmations and event instructions. On site “Kiosk” pages can be used to track attendees, register new attendees and capture additional candidate data using iPads or other devices. Event ROI can be tracked by using event page level analytics to track the candidates who become successful applicants in the future.

Reporting & Analytics FAQ’s

What can I expect from Clinch analytics?

We’ve worked hard to enable better recruitment decision making from analytics insights in Clinch. Our direct ATS integrations allow us to take analytics to the next level and link career site, advertising and marketing automation efforts to successful candidate generation not just applies.

Analytics is broken down into several functional areas.

Content analytics looks at the type of content that is generating successful hire, which videos or blog posts created engagement that delivered successful hires.

Campaign analytics allows you to understand which campaign related activities e.g. advertising or events are delivering the best ratios of quality candidates.

Channel analytics delivers you the insights to understand which organic or paid channels are actually generating candidates that are getting hired as opposed to generating volumes of applications that go nowhere.

Job level analytics gives you a quick overview of how your individual requisitions are performing across different channels and how their pipelines are performing.

Email analytics enables you to link bulk outbound email activities to the generation of successful candidates

Marketing automation analytics helps you to understand how your automated nurture activities and messaging sequences are performing

Search analytics delivers unique insights to the mind of you candidates as they engage with you across jobs and content. What are they really looking for?