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Career Site

Enhanced Responsive Career Site

A core component of the platform, Clinch’s machine learning powered career sites are designed to precisely match the corporate look and feel for a seamless candidate experience. All pages are automatically optimized for both accessibility, social and SEO using AI to tag images and add the correct schema instantly.

An easy to use CMS means that no html or CSS skills are needed to deliver professional looking pages that adhere to brand guidelines in minutes. Regional variants of pages can be launched quickly with cut and paste ease. Because Clinch integrates with multiple ATS in parallel all new jobs aggregated and added to the  search index automatically as they go live without any effort needed. Unlimited pages, microsites, branding and personalization are supported within each client instance.



Enhanced Responsive Job Descriptions

80% of career related traffic finds a company via a job listing yet job description pages are rarely optimized for these visits and what is often Zero Moment of Truth for the candidate turns into a bounce, wasting significant advertising spend. Clinch’s enhanced job descriptions enable the addition of any type of media, dynamic content or personalization to all job description pages with ease.

Showcasing more employer branding and curated corporate content around the job to expose candidates to this messaging right at the start of their journey leads to optimal conversion of  all inbound prospects. Better informed candidates make better applications and tend to have better conversations with the recruitment team downstream. Now you can answer the ”Top 5” questions your recruiters get asked by candidates on every call up front saving everyone time and effort.

Full Blogging Engine

Create, publish, and manage career-related blogs in the same place that you manage your career site and landing pages. Criteria-based routing and company-branded templates enhanced with dynamic content ensure a consistent look and feel across all career content, and a rich, immersive, and personalized experience for each and every candidate.



AI-powered Dynamic Content

Bolster your employer brand and drive more conversions with a customized candidate experience and career site personalization that means no two visitors get the same view of your company, but rather, one that’s uniquely suited to their information needs