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Announcing Workflow by Clinch: candidate nurture, automated

Time. Money can’t buy it, engineers can’t build it, and yet, recruiters need more of it in order to create and nurture candidate relationships that convert.

So, what’s the solution?

Workflow by Clinch 

Leveraging proven marketing automation techniques, Workflow is a series of actions triggered automatically when a candidate completes a specific call-to-action. Workflows run continuously, alerting team members to qualified candidates, sorting and segmenting your talent network, and delivering personalized emails to candidates while you sleep. It’s candidate nurture, without the effort!

Key features

  • Segment your talent network: Automatically sort candidates into lists based on specific attributes and/or behaviors
  • Engage and nurture passive candidates: automatically send personalized emails to those candidates not ready to apply to build relationships, encourage further action and/or engagement with your brand, and increase the chance of a conversion down the line
  • Promote your brand and EVP: employer branded, customizable email templates give you full control over the look, feel, and content of your brand messaging at all times
  • Trigger personalized drip campaigns: Leverage advanced segmentation and drip marketing technology to ensure delivery of the right message to the right candidates at intervals of your choosing.
  • Measure effectiveness: Track workflow effectiveness with analytics on email delivery rates, opens, number of candidates who revisited and/or completed a job application, and total number of successful candidates.
  • Track and increase NPS: Evaluate candidate loyalty to your brand, track recruiting team performance, and improve the candidate experience by adding custom feedback links to your emails

Targeted engagement

You can choose whether to have your Workflow triggered by any/all candidate(s) who complete a particular call-to-action, or, by those candidates who complete that call-to-action AND meet additional criteria.

Controlled, effective candidate nurture

Workflows in Clinch are also fully customizable; add a delay of minutes, hours, or days so that the automated series of actions happens at intervals appropriate to the candidate interaction that triggered it.

For example, if a candidate registers interest in attending an upcoming recruitment event, after sending them an initial email thanking them for their interest, you might factor in a delay of, say, three days before following up with some additional content that’s relevant to them based on the information they entered at the time of registering interest. This could be an email with more details on the upcoming event, or a link to an associated landing page on your career site. Utilizing the delay features enables controlled, targeted, candidate nurture over time which benefits your company’s employment brand and contributes to a positive candidate experience.

Workflow is your fast-pass to more effective, more efficient recruiting.  

Reduce drop-off, increase conversions

One Workflow use-case that’s particularly powerful is ‘Auto-Nurture for jobs.’ An intelligent workflow set up specifically to “nudge” candidates who have started an application but not completed it, Auto-Nurture leverages Artificial Intelligence and the proven marketing technique of drip campaigns to engage new candidates, reduce application drop-off, and increase conversions. Click here to find out more.

To learn more about how Clinch’s automated Workflows can transform your recruiting efforts, schedule a demo with one of our team.

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