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Announcing Auto-Nurture by Clinch: reduce candidate drop-off and increase conversions – automatically

9 out of 10 visitors to your career site are not there to apply for a job. Of those who do start an application, the percentage who will not complete the process is upwards of 50%. And while these stats vary depending on how engaging (or not) a company’s career site is, which ATS they’re using, and the candidate experience that follows as a result, the reality is, candidate drop-off is a problem that’s common to all hiring companies. 

So, what’s the solution?

Introducing, “Auto-Nurture by Clinch”

Branching off from our original Workflow feature, we’ve built a tool that automates the progression of applicants through the pipeline.

An intelligent workflow set up specifically to “nudge” candidates who have started an application but not completed it, Auto-Nurture leverages Artificial Intelligence and the proven marketing technique of drip campaigns to engage new candidates, reduce application drop-off, and increase conversions.

How it works

  • Trigger personalized drip campaigns: Automatically send personalized reminder emails to candidates who have started a job application but not completed it.
  • Customize the candidate experience: Targeted messages include link to the specific job application the candidate abandoned, making it easy for them to pick up where they left off.
  • Segment your database: Leverage advanced segmentation and drip marketing technology to ensure delivery of the right message to the right candidates at intervals of your choosing.
  • Be on-brand at all times: Employer branded, customizable email templates give you full control over the look, feel, and content of your brand messaging.
  • Measure effectiveness: Track workflow effectiveness with analytics on email delivery rates, opens, number of candidates who revisited and/or completed a job application, and total number of successful candidates.

Nurture and convert candidates – while you sleep

Once activated, auto-nurture will run continuously (or until you pause it) automatically nurturing any candidate who meets the criteria specified in the workflow rules.

In the example below, auto-nurture will run for any candidate who has started an application for a “Sales” job but subsequently dropped off.

Created using Clinch’s comprehensive email feature, the messages to candidates can be automatically personalized and easily edited to include rich media and reflect your company’s brand guidelines.

The automated workflow ensures that messages are delivered at intervals set by you, meaning you don’t need to worry about candidates being bombarded with nagging emails. The workflow concludes when there are no more steps left for a given candidate to complete.

Success you can measure

Ultimately, you decide what constitutes a successful auto-nurture workflow campaign. For some companies, “success” might be measured by the number of candidates who received the “nudge” email and returned to their job application. For others, it may be the number who received an email, revisited and completed their application. For another company, success might be down to how many candidates triggered the workflow, completed an application, and subsequently went on to receive a job offer.

Whatever your measure of success, Clinch gives you the data you need at every step to draw those conclusions.

Clinch believes in more effective, more efficient recruiting. Not only does auto-nurture work to improve drop-off rates and increase career site conversions, it reduces recruiter chore, too. This fully automated process gives you time back to focus on the more human side of talent acquisition – building genuine, lasting relationships with the best candidates for your organization.

To find out more, get in touch or request a demo.

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