Career Sites

A great candidate experience starts with great content. Take control of yours with the Clinch Editor.

As the go-to destination for candidates seeking information on a company and/or job, your careers site must be up to par in order to engage and convert the best talent


Take ownership of your content

Clinch makes it easy for you to get a great-looking careers site live within hours. Create, edit and publish quality recruiting content — with no help needed from IT.

No HTML knowledge required.

With the Clinch Page Editor, previously tricky content tasks —like updating copy and embedding videos— become easy. Showcase your employees, communicate your EVP, and publish the careers content you want, when you want it.

Mobile responsive.

By default, and in order to help your organisation meet the needs and expectations of today’s candidates, every page built in Clinch —whether manually, or automatically— is already responsive to mobile.

Employer and consumer brands aligned.

The Clinch platform offers full flexibility in page layout and the hosting of custom content such as fonts. With consistency in look and feel across your company website and the careers content that’s hosted on Clinch, your candidates enjoy an improved brand experience, no matter where their starting point.

More effective recruiting.

Clinch centralises your recruitment marketing efforts, giving you the convenience of creating, managing, sharing, and measuring your recruitment marketing content from one location.