Knowledge is power. Clinch Reports delivers real data to shape and inform your recruitment marketing strategy.

An optimal candidate experience is built on factual information and insight, rather than assumption. Clinch Reporting kicks in the second your content goes live on our platform, delivering real and accurate data on all important aspects of your recruitment marketing campaign.

See who’s looking at your content and find out which channels are driving traffic in your direction. Measure how your employer branded content is performing with its target audience, and get to know your true sources of hire.

Clinch Reports allows you to leave your assumptions at the door and discover the benefits of data-driven recruiting.

Custom built for you.

The Clinch Reports feature has been built from the ground up. We don’t source our data from anywhere but our own platform, so you can rest assured that the information you see is accurate and exclusive to your organization.


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End-to-end reporting.

From the performance of the content you push out, to the number of applications you receive, Clinch offers end-to-end reporting on each and every one of your recruitment marketing campaigns.


Leveraging its own custom heat-mapping technology, the Clinch platform uses colors as a visual representation of data to show how people are looking at your individual jobs and landing pages.

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Pixel-level detail.

Gauge a candidate’s interest in your company by looking at their level of engagement with your content. View each candidate’s dwell time per page and see the number of data points recorded per session where one data point is equal to one mouse hover over a single pixel.

Content scoring.

See how engaging your content really is. The Clinch Block Analysis tool uses accumulated data points to score individual content blocks and color them based on the level of interaction they garner from visitors to the page. Quickly and easily identify which image, video, or paragraph on your page is performing best when compared to other content blocks at a page or campaign level.