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Clinch Case Study - Reducing Top of the Funnel Noise

Engineering roles are notoriously hard to fill.

Download the case study and find out how Clinch used targeted content and recruitment marketing automation to attract, engage, and convert talent as part of the company's campaign to hire a new Ruby on Rails developer.


- Company's hiring pain points
- How we used Clinch features to get results including:
- 63% reduction in top of the funnel noise
- 242% growth in viable talent network

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Identifying Challenges and Ways Recruitment Marketing Can Help

Healthcare is expected to add the most jobs of any sector between 2014 and 2024.

However, effective recruiting and retention of healthcare talent is a major issue for most organizations.

This eBook highlights the main challenges affecting talent acquisition teams in the healthcare sector, and provides insight on how recruitment marketing can help.

Learn more about common challenges including:
- Recruiting and retaining nurses
- Lack of time
- Budget

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How to Create a Candidate Persona

What is a candidate persona?

A candidate persona is a fictional characterization of your ideal candidate. Creating one helps sourcers, recruitment marketers and employer branding professionals get to know their target audience, and shapes the messaging and content they deliver to that audience.

Our brand new guide explains how to create a candidate persona for your organisation.

The guide comes complete with an example persona and persona template to let you get started right away.

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Recruitment Marketing: 10 Best Practices

Download this free eBook and find out what goes into creating a successful recruitment marketing campaign.

- Landing pages & calls-to-action
- Audience targeting
- Mobile optimization
- Candidate behavioural analysis
- And more

With practical tips to help you attract, identify, nurture, and convert high caliber candidates for more effective, more efficient hiring.

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Recruitment Marketing: 7 Steps to a Stronger Employer Brand

Download this eBook and discover how you can deliver a stronger employment brand in seven simple steps.

- Leveraging your employer brand to attract and retain top talent.
- Assigning employer brand ownership
- Evaluating employee engagement
- Happiness as part of your company culture

PLUS, be inspired by examples of real-life companies that are raising the bar on employer branding right now.

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Recruitment Marketing: A Content Checklist

Download this free eBook for information on:

- Recruitment and marketing: why these two key functions are similar, but different.
- The role of content: what it is and why it's essential to proactive recruiting.


Stats, infographics, and insights into 4 key characteristics of recruiting content that converts.

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Recruitment Marketing: Using Content to Drive Talent Acquisition

Download this free eBook and learn...

- How recruitment is changing in 2015.
- How applying content marketing techniques can improve your recruitment efforts.


- Tips for creating content to attract and engage top talent.
- Advice on how to get that content in front of the candidates that count.
- Real-world examples of great recruitment content campaigns to inspire your own.

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Nurture by Design, by Bill Boorman

The wants, needs, and digital behaviours of today's candidates are changing, and recruiting is struggling to keep up.

In his first white paper for Clinch, Bill Boorman —Founder of the #tru conference series— looks at how these changes impact the day-to-day lives of the key stakeholders in talent acquisition (the recruiters, the hiring managers, and candidates) and suggests ways that companies can improve their recruitment marketing effectiveness.

- Learn about the shift from transaction and one-way process to relationship
- Get to know the modern candidate journey
- Find out how to keep candidates connected to your company — even when they're not in the market for a job

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