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Enhanced Candidate Experience

Candidate Geolocation / Find Jobs Near Me

Candidates can opt in to share their location data with an employer to help them quickly find the jobs near them. Search radius can be client defined to allow for commuting times.

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Candidate Personalization & Settings

Every candidate is different and now you can differentiate everyone’s experience with personalized content and messaging throughout the candidate journey. Candidate’s also get to control their data where required and can self manage their favorited jobs and communications settings easily.

Internal Mobility

A dedicated mobility portal allows your employees to see which requisitions they would be a good fit for. Employees can easily express interest in roles, notifying recruiters and hiring managers for a seamless candidate experience.

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AI-powered Job Search

Clinch offers the option to integrate Google Cloud Job Discovery for improved candidate job discoverability. Instead of relying on simple keyword searches that are often plagued by company jargon, typos, or irrelevant results. Talent Solution uses ML technology to better understand job content and jobseeker intent. Candidates get matched to their ideal jobs faster, and employers attract and convert higher quality candidates.

With ML at its core, Cloud Talent Solution can interpret the vagueness of any job description, job search query, or profile search query. Using confidence scoring based on broad categories (construction) and more specific occupation families (carpet installer, floor layer, etc.), the solution helps employers find the right candidates faster — reducing overall time to hire.