Recruiting with Clinch:

Case study of a data science company

About the Client

A fast growing data science firm in Chicago.

The Challenge

As the company sought to grow its brand, it identified a need to recruit for a number of Marketing and Communications roles; however, an already busy recruiting team did not have the bandwidth or resources to facilitate this campaign.

The Solution

After considering multiple options, and guided by Angie Verros of Vaia Talent, the company chose Clinch — the software platform that leverages machine learning and candidate behavior analysis to bring you a more intelligent career site with automatic content creation capability, and a higher conversion rate as a result.

Why Clinch?

Verros, who was working for the company in a consulting capacity at the time, was drawn to Clinch because of its content creation capabilities, primarily.


The team did an amazing job of explaining how Clinch combines content marketing and recruitment technology to create a unique experience for me as a talent acquisition professional, as well as for the candidate. Using the Clinch platform, I was able to build and publish a landing page for my jobs in no time. I didn’t have to be a coder, or tech savvy at all, really, and the landing page turned out better than a lot of other companies’ jobs pages.

She added that,

“During the custom demo, the team showed me how the platform can be used to automate much of the process of attracting and engaging talent — which is particularly useful for companies that are going through hypergrowth.”


Working with Clinch, Angie took a careers landing page featuring all relevant jobs from initial concept to live in less than 24 hours.

Describing the implementation process, she said:

It was so simple! Using the Clinch platform, I was able to build and publish a landing page for my jobs in no time. I didn’t have to be a coder, or tech savvy at all. Once the site was live, the candidates just started flowing in.

Utilization and Results

In just 60 days, Verros achieved the following results using Clinch:

  • Sourced 700 candidates
  • Email outreach generated 417 unique visitors to apply page for a conversion rate of 60%
  • 375 of those unique visitors filled out an apply CTA for a conversion rate of 90%
  • 58 candidates were submitted to hiring team





unique visitors

to apply page


candidates were submitted

to hiring team

At the time of Verros finishing her consultancy with the data science company, 7 new employees had been hired, 11 more applicants had passed the interview stage, and a further 10 were scheduled for interview at a later date.


Having built a landing page for her jobs that was informative, visually engaging, and to use her own words,

“real. It was just a real page where candidates could go and see what it would be like to work there. Nothing overly engineered,”

Angie was keen to avail of every possible opportunity made available by the platform to engage and convert those candidates.

That meant giving visitors to the page an additional means of demonstrating an interest in her client company beyond the typical job application.

Verros used Clinch’s customizable call-to-action feature to invite candidates to opt in to a growing talent network.

To increase the reach of her campaign, she emailed candidates and shared the page on social as well as leveraging Clinch’s “Channels” feature to automatically distribute the jobs to jobs boards, too.

Indeed.com was by far the biggest source of traffic to Angie’s page, accounting for 86% of the traffic overall.

Job Page Templates

Working with Clinch , Verros used a combination of individual landing pages and rich-media jobs pages –generated automatically through the platform’s Job Page Templates feature– to attract, engage, and convert candidates.

She was able to roll out a significant catalog of content in very little time –with no additional help required from developers or designers– by leveraging the platform’s content automation features.

Talent Community

In addition to the new-look content helping to drive interest and engagement in the company’s open jobs, the prominent “Join our talent community” call-to-action featured on the central career and “Apply” page has played a major part in driving conversions, building out the company’s talent network, and growing brand awareness, too.

We built brand recognition beyond what the company expected. Not only could we create an amazing-looking landing page, we were able to quickly share that, and the jobs it showcased, with social networks — all while maintaining the look and feel of the company’s brand.

People, Person, Brochure, Flyer, Paper, Poster

Candidate Experience

Verros is confident that the combination of a visually-rich career site and jobs pages along with the more “soft-touch” conversion tactic of inviting candidates to join a talent community, together contributed to a very positive candidate experience. Clinch’s comprehensive Reports feature backed up her assertions.

“In just 8 weeks, we were able to generate over 2,000 pageviews from close to 1,000 people, and achieve a 23% conversion rate on views to completed calls-to-actions. Of the total number of people who visited our career site content, 43% became candidates, which, to me, is evidence of a pretty great candidate experience.”

Marketing automation and relationship building

Angie also leveraged to great effect, marketing automation features in Clinch. After composing personalized email templates using the platform’s enhanced email feature, the team built and activated a Workflow that automatically sent an acknowledgement email to each and every candidate who filled out the talent network call-to-action or “Apply” call-to-action.

It was a timely, personalized nurturing effort that no doubt contributed further to the creation of a positive candidate experience, and boosted the company’s employment brand.

Reflections and resolutions

On completion of her consultancy, looking back, Verros’ one regret was that she did not avail of the ATS integration feature in Clinch, adding jobs to the platform manually, instead.

With an integration in place, Clinch pulls in all jobs as listed in a customer’s ATS and generates individual job pages for each. Both steps happen automatically, with no intervention required from the recruiter, saving them a significant amount of time, and improving the team’s overall productivity as a result.

The only thing we did not do was use Clinch with an ATS, and I wish we had. Without the integration, there was a lot of manual work as far as adding jobs and keeping track of the candidates who applied. That wasn’t Clinch’s fault, and next time around, I would integrate with our ATS to make sure that nothing slips through the cracks.


As the founder of Vaia Talent, Angie Verros realizes that great content can make all the difference in whether or not a candidate chooses to engage with your company and considers bringing their career to you. When she was hired by the company to run a recruitment campaign for a number of Marketing and Communications roles, Verros set out to find a software solution that prioritizes the quick delivery of smarter, better-looking jobs pages and career sites, and an improved candidate experience. Clinch, with its content editing and automation features, fit the bill. That the platform is optimized for use by those with a low level of technical proficiency added to its appeal.

In less than 24 hours, and working alongside the team at Clinch, Verros took a career landing page featuring all relevant jobs from concept to live. In just 60 days, the content built using Clinch generated over 2,000 page views, with the career site achieving a 23% conversion rate on views to completed calls-to-actions.

When she left at the end of her eight-week consulting period, Verros had sourced 700 candidates and submitted close to 60 to the company’s hiring team. Seven new employees had already been hired.

Describing her experience using Clinch to attract, identify, engage, and convert candidates, Verros said:

So much of what I was doing before, I was doing manually. I was interested in how automation might help me become more efficient, but I wasn’t sure if a tool existed that would enable the automation while also allowing me to maintain that high touch, personal style I love when trying to engage candidates. Clinch is that tool; I can’t picture myself going back to sourcing without it.

To find out how Clinch can help your organization attract, engage, and convert more candidates through a more intelligent career site, click here to request a demo.