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Recruitment marketing – Episode 1: What does your career site say about your employer brand?


About the episode:

It’s often the first impression a potential candidate has of your organization. They can range from modern and captivating, to confusing and poorly designed. So what does your carers site say about your employer brand?

If it’s streamlined and engaging, people will want to know more. If it’s an afterthought, outdated and clunky – people will think working for your organization will be the same.

Join Belinda Cawthorne, PageUp Organizational Development Specialist, and Marion Robinson, PageUp Chief Growth Officer, as they discuss how to create a careers site that converts.


  • Candidates who return to a career site are 4x more likely to be hired
  • Content creation does not need to be overwhelming
  • Understanding your audience will help optimize your career site for the best ROI


Marion Robinson is responsible for spearheading global growth for PageUp in all its forms. She provides strategic direction across PageUp’s client advocacy, partner alliance, marketing and brand-building programs, ensuring total alignment between them so as to deliver on the PageUp growth strategy. Leveraging a wealth of experience in client management roles across a range of industries including Banking, Human Resources and IT, Marion understands the daily people challenges of our clients first-hand.

Belinda Cawthorne is an organizational development specialist at PageUp, focused on leading, delivering and embedding best practice development, assessment, and HR technology solutions to support both people strategies and organizational objectives.