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Evolving hiring for the new normal: Clinch Recruitment Marketing

When it comes to recruiting, the current global situation presents an opportunity for recruitment teams to reflect, review and incorporate recruitment marketing strategies into their daily recruitment activities. . 

Even though it’s well-known that continuous recruitment marketing, building talent pools and nurturing prospective candidates will deliver the best long-term results – it often proves difficult to step out of our recruitment cycle to take these proactive steps.

In fact, when we previously interviewed recruiters about recruitment marketing we heard things like: 

  • “We don’t have time for recruitment marketing – sometimes I don’t even have time for a cup of coffee!”; and
  • “It’s too hard to make changes to our careers site.”

Because many recruiters don’t have the right tools, they end up in the same cycle of searching and hiring for each vacant role. Alternatively, they could be amplifying their employer brand to consistently build demand to join their organization and establish and nurture talent pools of quality talent that are ready to go.  

Currently, many recruiters don’t even have access to analytics to understand which recruitment channels are leading to successful hires. As a result, we often see organizations waste hundreds of thousands of dollars each year. Similarly, organizations are paying to drive traffic to their careers sites, but not remarketing to people to encourage them to apply – resulting in the candidates who do the most thorough research (and are statistically the highest quality hires) going elsewhere.

As States start to reopen and organizations begin actioning their remobilization strategy, recruitment teams are facing a ‘new type of normal’.

Record levels of unemployment means job seekers are out in force researching career sites and applying for roles on mass. Delivering a consistent and personalized experience that meets candidate’s expectations is challenging, especially with leaner recruitment teams that have less bandwidth. The competition for quality talent is also fierce and recruiters need to be on the front foot.

This calls for a shift in how recruiters operate. And an improvement in the tools available to recruiters so that they can automate repetitive tasks to deliver positive candidate experiences allowing them to focus on high impact outreach activities to win quality talent. 

Clinch Recruitment Marketing delivers better quality candidates with less recruiting effort, creating exceptional experiences for candidates at scale from first engagement, right through to application. 

With simple and easy to use content management, marketing automation and candidate relationship management tools, it’s easier than ever to set and forget best-in-class recruitment marketing tactics.

Clinch Recruitment Marketing delivers:

  • Easy website management
  • Analytics to increase candidate conversion to apply and guide recruiters on where to spend their time more effectively 
  • Personalized candidate journeys
  • Intuitive candidate pipelining

There’s plenty under the bonnet for those starting out, through to experienced recruitment marketers, all within one easy-to-use system. 

Content management

Leverage your content to engage the right candidate at the right time

  • Easy-to-manage responsive careers sites and landing pages
  • Custom forms and CTAs to capture rich candidate data
  • Full blogging engine
  • Job alerts via candidate’s preferred communication method
  • AI powered dynamic content
  • Optimized for SEO, mobile and Google jobs
  • Virtual events pages
  • ISO mobile event application
  • Personalized blog and job content
  • Powerful search including geolocation and AI
  • Advanced job distribution
  • Immersive job templates to reflect your employee value proposition
  • Advanced analytics to understand sourcing channel effectiveness

Marketing automation

Craft candidate experiences at scale informed by actionable insights

  • List management
  • Candidate scoring throughout their journey
  • Web and SMS chatbots 
  • Recruitment process automation (RPA) workflows for communications via email and SMS
  • Trigger actions from candidate status in a job
  • Advanced marketing analytics to understand the entire candidate journey

Candidate Relationship Management

Nurture candidates to build strong talent pipelines

  • Send and track 1:1 candidate communications with ease
  • View recommended candidates
  • Watch key candidates and reach out when they’re looking at your site or jobs
  • Drag and drop pipelining
  • Third party candidate database integrations