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Clinch rolls out new sourcing pipeline and streamlined navigation

At Clinch, we don’t want to build the product we think you want. We want to build the product we know you want.

We listen closely to what our customers are telling us, and when common themes emerge from your feedback, we take note. We discuss, we evaluate, we conduct further research, and then, we get to work in an effort to deliver a product you’ll love using. 

In the latest round of updates and improvements to Clinch, we’ve honed in on two key aspects — platform navigation and sourcing tools. 



On logging into Clinch now, you will be greeted by a brand new dashboard. While its predecessor focused on content and campaigns, this new dashboard is results-driven and provides a high-level overview of your company’s talent acquisition efforts. 

The dashboard has been designed with three specific recruiting functions in mind:

  • Employer branding
  • Recruitment marketing
  • Sourcing

We introduced this change because we understand that on any talent acquisition team, different people have different roles and areas of responsibility. Some may be tasked with creating and managing career-related content, for example, while others may be more interested in identifying and nurturing the promising candidates who enter into your pool as a result of that content. We wanted to create a more customized user experience that allows individuals to quickly and easily access the information and carry out the tasks that are most relevant to them.


Staying with the theme of simplification, we’ve also trimmed down our left-hand menu. While the same functionality and feature set you enjoyed before still exists, it’s now better organized and neatly compartmentalized within one of these four sections: 

  • Web Pages — encompasses all-things content (including image gallery, calls-to-action)
  • Candidates — encompasses all-things people (including messaging)
  • Jobs — houses all “live” and “draft” mode jobs, as well as bookmarked jobs 
  • Reports — offers a high-level overview of campaign performance and includes a data selector that lets you choose custom date ranges 

You’ll find these four menu items in the top-level navigation above your dashboard, as well as in the left-hand menu.


Sourcing Pipeline

Now, within minutes of your job going live in the ATS, you can head on over to Clinch and see a sourcing pipeline pre-populated with candidates that Clinch identifies as potentially being suitable for that role.

There is a sourcing pipeline available for each of your open jobs, and you can get to it from the dashboard or the jobs screen (anywhere you see a hyperlinked job title, really) by clicking on the job.

This brand new feature leverages behavioral analysis technology to make automatic suggestions as to which candidates might be suitable for the reqs. you’re trying to fill. The pipeline works by mining the behavior displayed by candidates who have interacted with your career content but haven’t yet applied for that job. If it identifies behavior that signals that candidate as being “interesting,” it will pull that candidate in to the “Clinch suggests” pool at the start of the pipeline. 

An example of how a candidate becomes qualified for the “Clinch Suggests” pool could be as follows:

Cathy the candidate visits your company’s career site and downloads a PDF on “How we build software,” thus making her identity known to Clinch. She takes a look at the Rails Engineer Job you have open, but doesn’t apply. A week later, a Ruby job is entered into the ATS, the associated sourcing pipeline is generated, and Clinch suggests Cathy for this position.

You can also manually add candidates you like to the pipeline. Then, watch in real-time as the candidates you choose to nurture progress through the pipeline and into the apply stages.

For more on the Clinch sourcing pipeline, click here.

One more thing . . .

On the more technical side of things, we have also enhanced our “Themes” offering and now allow for full flexibility in page layout and and the hosting of custom content such as fonts, javascript libraries, etc.

If you aren’t a Clinch customer and would like to learn more about our product, we’d love to hear from you. Request a demo, and someone from our team will be in touch.